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Geyser Nanotech

Water Brings Health!

NO More Plastic Bottles!!!

Don't you think it's time you truly started benefiting from healthy, clean water every single day?
A membrane filter, which is very similar in design to reverse osmosis systems. Its main differentiating feature is the membrane. The size of its pores (0.001 µm) is between the pores of reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration membranes. This allows to obtain the water of high purity, yet avoid its full demineralization, as this happens when the water is filtered with reverse osmosis membranes. This is an innovative product with unique properties, a novelty on the market of water filters. The nanomembrane removes all the contaminants, as does the reverse osmosis filter but partially retains the natural salt composition in the water. Your water is therefore not “dead” or “distilled” (as some customers refer to the reverse osmosis water), but clean and useful. Geyser Nanotech can help bring down the content of hardness salts. As a result, if hardness of the initial water is up to 7-8 mg-eq./l, after the filtering the water will be pure and will leave no residue on the kettle and will protect irons, coffee machines and other household appliances. Most importantly, the water will have the optimal amount of minerals in it. Geyser Nanotech will become a good choice for families with small children. Mineralized water is a good source of calcium and magnesium for growing bodies,and helps normal formation of the skeleton and healthy teeth,also strengthens the immune system. The micronutrients are necessary for pregnant women and old people. Now they can be obtained with filtered water.
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