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Water iron removal filter Aeration 10 (1.2m^3/h)

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Purifies water of dissolved and oxidized iron, manganese, turbidity and hydrogen sulfide without the use of any reagents.The principle of operation of the plant is based on aeration of water by oxidizing iron and then filtering it. After a certain interval, the filter is automatically rinsed depending on the pollution and water consumption.

Advantages of the device:

High water treatment efficiency.

Fully automated operation.

Convenient operation and maintenance.

Long-term operation,

Low wear of components and filter material.

Low operating costs.

Wastewater can also be discharged into biological sewers.

No special reagents are required for the operation of the equipment.

Ecofer or Birm filter material and quartz sand of different fractions for the support layer are used for water purification.

 Equipment composition:

reactor tank,filtration tank,automatic rinsing control unit,

filter material,compressor for air supply.


 The device requires:

Sewerage and electricity connection 220V;

Water pressure above 2 Atm, low pressure drop;

The room temperature must be above 0 ° C.

The rinsing water may be discharged to a biological waste water treatment plant.