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Main--Line--Filters - Softening filter AQUACHIEF cabinet for all house. - Softening filter AQUACHIEF cabinet for all house.

Softening filter AQUACHIEF cabinet for all house.

Water Brings Health!
NO More Plastic Bottles!!!

Don't you think it's time you truly started benefiting from healthy, clean water every single day?

You get high quality and technology water filter for all house. The filter consists of a housing (cabinet) with a container with ion exchange resin and a multifunction control valve. There are specifically designed salt tablets which are put into the filter and is intended for regeneration of the filter material (restoration of the resource). The multifunction control valve provides automatic filter operation. The ultra-compact construction, the filter is ideal for small homes and apartments. Estimated number of water consumers 2-6 people. Softening filters such as Geyser Aquachief are used to reduce water hardness ( limescales). High quality ion exchange resins are used as filter media to reduce water hardness to a safe level. With the help of a filter, the energy consumption is reduced, the efficiency of household appliances is increased and expenses are reduced. Filter Usage Result: Soft water in every tap, glittering plumbing and dishes. Velvety skin and healthy hair. Great detergent savings - up to 50% Longer life span of household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, boilers, kettles ...)
Technical parameters
Maximum flow rate - 2.3 m3 / h
Nominal flow, - 1.6 m3 / h
Volume of ion exchange resins, --- 25kg Resource, m3 (for hardness 5 mg-eq / l) ---- 6.0
Salt consumption per regeneration, ---- 2.0kg
Water consumption per regeneration (wastewater) ---- 0.15-0.20m3
Duration of recovery --- 80… 110 min Loss of working pressure, --- 0.5bar
Working pressure, ---- 2… 6 bar
Connection ----- 220-240 В Power consumption, ------ 6w
Connection input / output ----- 1 ”
Filter dimensions, ----- 32 х 48 х 58cm
Price only 677 Euro . Including Vat.
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677.00 Eur

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