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Main--Line--Filters - Geyser BB 20 Filter With Aragon - Geyser BB 20 Filter With Aragon

Geyser BB 20 Filter With Aragon

Water Brings Health!
NO More Plastic Bottles!!!

Don't you think it's time you truly started benefiting from healthy, clean water every single day?

Filter Geyser BB20 produces a thin purification of cold water from suspended particles (more than 5 microns). The BB 20 Geyser filter uses a BB20 Aragon cartridge. Removes rust, sand, sludge and other insoluble impurities. Improves turbidity and water color. The filter housing is made of durable plastic, designed to work under pressure. In the production of shells is not used recycled materials.


  • Overall dimensions (height / width): 600/185 mm;
  • The temperature of the treated water: +4 … + 40 ° C;
  • Resource – up to 200 m3 (depends on the quality of the source water);
  • Working pressure – up to 7 atm .;
  • Connection size 1 “.

185.50 Eur

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