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Jugs and Tap Filters - Tap Filters - Euro - Tap Water Filter System with Aragon.

Euro - Tap Water Filter System with Aragon.

Water Brings Health!

Don't you think it's time you truly started benefiting from healthy, clean water every single day?

    • The geyser euro is small in size but with great potential and comes from the new generation of Aragon's nanotechnology filters , which technology and international patent of Geyser.

    • Maximum convenience for installation and daily use.
    • It has a switch - diverter: with purification and without purification.
    • Effective water purification against active chlorine particles, organic and chlorinated compounds, iron, excess calcium and magnesium salts, cationes and anions of heavy metals, viruses and dangerous bacteria.
    • The lifetime of the filter is up to 3000 litres allowing you to use the tap nozzle for 4 months without having to replace the cartridge.
    • Place of installation: on the tap.

35.00 Eur

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