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Cartridges - Aragon Cartridge for Geyser Euro Tap Filter Replacement . - Aragon Cartridge for Geyser Euro Tap Filter Replacement .

Aragon Cartridge for Geyser Euro Tap Filter Replacement .

Water Brings Health!

The Aragon Geyser Euro tap filter cartridge is designed to purify and soften hard tap water. The installation of the new filter requires no special skills and does not take long. The compact size of the water filter adapter and cartridge allows you to take them to your second home or on trips to always have pure drinking water. It is made of Aragon, a unique and patented material with exceptional properties. It has a micro-globular structure that is formed during the synthesis of globular space polymers. It is characterized by its high porosity and resistance to mechanical influences. Active groups on the surface of the globules are responsible for the ionic exchange. Three methods of filtration: mechanical where all particles above the pores of the material are removed on the surface without penetrating the Aragon structure, sorption, and ionic exchange where the water passes through winding channels with gradient density. The pore size varies from 0.01 to 3.5 μm. Microparticles of mechanical impurities, cations and anions of heavy toxic metals, organic chlorine compounds and radionuclides are removed and the content of magnesium and calcium salts are also reduced to an optimal level. Anti-spill ensures that the impurities are retained in complex labyrinths of the Aragon material structure so that they will not come into contact with the purified water during the entire use period of the cartridge. Self-indication alerts you by reducing the water pressure when the cartridge needs to be replaced. The reaction of the silver mirror represents a complex process that allows the integration of silver as a constantly present material. Quasi-softening: the effect of changing the structure of "hardness salts", i.e. the transition of calcium salts from calcium to aragonite.

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